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Dear new students,

we are pleased with having again so many new CE students this year and want to welcome you in the name of the student council, the body of students and the faculty. To make a successful start possible, we invite you to a orientation week from October, 08 to October, 10, where you have the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as some of the older students. Furthermore we set up a program where you will be told the most important information about your studying - where are the lecture halls, where and what you have to register, etc. - and of course you will also have a nice time together.

Official timetable: Timetable




start: wednesday, October 08 2014, 9am
end: friday, Oktober 10 2014, after bar-hopping


Wednesday and Friday: CE Study Center, S4 10 | room 1, Dolivostr. 15
Thursday: S 207|167

by car:

Due to bad parking in Darmstadt you should schedule some time to find a parking lot. However, with some patience and luck you will hopefully find a free parking lot around the blocks.

by train:

The stop Feldbergstraße suits best, alternatively use Kasinostraße.

Where do I get further information?

You will get a cute, thin booklet containing all important information in summary. If you're missing the search function in the printed booklet or you simply lost it, download it during the orientation week or after in this place.

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